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On this day of play we open our hearts and receiveour divine self, integrating further aspects of ourselves.We notice the inner world becoming very still and warm.We see the worlds within us become alive as universes oflight begin to glow and the upgrading of our being. Webegin to know the divineness of our higher selves. Wesee the light of our soul covering us in a bright silvery lightwith a violet tinge and a golden glow. See the higher selfin its full glory. We see the world, as it becomes heavenon earth. Create from your heart. You know the steps.What do you want? Ask for it, accept it and totally believe it.

Be the observer and allow flow to create and play, materialising it. If you can make rain,you can do this! Just do it. Create it now. Engage. This is the time to step up and becomeand create the world as you desire. Remember, create from the spiritual - create from yourheart. Be one with heaven on earth. This is a new day, so play from your creativity. Play inand from the heart’s desire. Take the time to be in your alignment. Take this moment andfeel all that you are. Take this moment and see the integration of all that we are and allowthe total light to flow. This moment we come into our power. We see the divineness of themaster within. (Yes. Transmission.)

Grigori  Petrovich  Grabovoi

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 Grigori Grabovoi's workshops including Number Codes for Transformation, Organ and Cell Regeneration, Manifestation, Healing, and Intuitive Abilities