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On this day we feel the inner smile. We feel the divineness of our connection. We step into our heart’s play.The external world is running at an amazing speed.Great change is at our door. We have the tools to flow through with these. Consider the gifts that we have received. Know the depth of our play.

Use your spiritual gifts to norm all now. See the world as it is moving to heaven on earth. Become a heavenly space. Remember the inner world is the reflection into the external world. As our inner world is normed, so is our external world, being the reflection of the other.

Continue to harmonise the inner universe – see all in flow. See the death virus get smaller and disappear from our being. See the light flowing through yourselves, lighting up the inner universe.

Insert the cash flow program into our resource channel and all is resourced. Money and resources flow with ease to me. I erase all debt from my matrix and replace it with love and  abundance. As soon as I ask, it is so. We take the time to remove all unserving and unnecessary programs that have attached or connected from the collective. We remove them from the DNA - we remove them from the matrix. I remove them from past, present and future. I live from our space of manifestation. My matrix is charged with love and creativity. We arrange everything from our heart space and see it as so. And it is. Now charged with love and desire - time to play. The creation is engaged.

All you are. The debt virus is removed, so play from your creativity. See it, believe it and it is so. Remember, it is heaven’s play. All is now possible. Believe and experience divine play. Now this is your mission. Engage. We must play this day. Shield up and engage your heart’s desire.

Grigori  Petrovich  Grabovoi

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