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On this day we take the time to understand the simplicity of the new matrix. We notice the world begin its move from density of the 3D matrix to that of heaven on earth. As more heavenly light cleanses Earth’s matrix and begins to erase the darkness from the mass consciousness, as more of us increase our light quota, more and more light is brought into the mass consciousness.

This is our mission. This is our life’s purpose. This is our reason for this incarnation. This is why the masters have returned.

Align, align, align yourself on all levels. Continue your love affair with your soul, with your heart, with your body and with creation. We continue the process of norming ourselves. We focus on bringing heavenly light into our bodies and into our cells, bringing our inner universe into heaven’s dance in pure expression of heaven’s play.

As the inner universe begins its glow, angels and guides come closer, giving us blessings and continuing their unending protection and support. We acknowledge this with gratitude.
The masters smile as they notice our beings radiating heaven’s play. We continue to engage and acknowledge them and ask for their help and support with on-going tasks. We are not alone. (Remark: It is important for us to consciously engage with those resources and gifts at all times.)

Take the time and create, take the time and be. Create the permanent connection with Creator and grounding more and more, norming through you, through your cells, through your bodies, through your inner universe, into Earth. Feel the inner dance allowing the inner music to bless all we do.

The worlds are aligned and the geometry is aligned throughout the universe. It is all normed. The structures are aligned. The universe has been waiting for this for a very long time. Now the time has come to take the step to shift the change into the mass consciousness. It is time to norm the structures gently, creating a calm flow, bringing the team together to anchor in the light and begin to create a new normed mass consciousness. Gently erasing guilt, erasing fear, erasing death, erasing loss and erasing debt from the collective.

Blessing the inner world, which radiates into the collective, healing it in a growing and in the glowing heaven’s light of love, joy and creation. This is for all.

Grigori  Petrovich  Grabovoi

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