Grigori Grabovoi Workshops, Number Codes, Organ & Cell Regeneration, using Consciousness Technologies

Q. What does E= VS represent?

A. E= VS stands for Energy equals volumne of information at speed of your perception. It's the formula for the transformation of the energy of life.


Q. Are you licensed to facilitate the Russian Knowledge?

A. Yes, we have five license's from Grigori Grabovoi ® and Harmonious Development Co. ®


Q. Do you have registered instructors?

A. The instructors at E=VS have participated in over 3500 hours of personal training in the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi with Harmonious Development -Thailand Project, Dr Marina Morozkina one of Grigori Grabovio's master teachers and Permanent Creation .


Q. How do these tools differ from other healing modalities?

A. These tools are the fastest tools we've found to heal the body and transform energy. The tools are consciousness based.


Q. Does the workshops include Petrov's information?

A. NO, our information and methods come straight from Grigori Grabovoi, Igor Arepjev, Nadezhda Koroleva and Vadim Korolev and Valentina Batischewa.


Q. What is the difference with your workshops?

A. Our courses have functional tools that are easy to follow and are supported by a comprehensive manual that help you to build and expand you consciousness. In this you will discover you unique gifts and learn how to tap into your innate power.  We support your learning by giving you a manual that guides you in a step-by-step procedure for each method.


Q. Why should I attend one of your workshop or webinar?

We continue to learn and study the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. We were lucky enough to study with Grigori Grabovoi Master Trainer Dr Marina Morozkina and become licensed instructors of the Russian Creator Knowledge.   We have spent the past five years as students and dedicated instructors of these powerful Creator technologies.

The E =VS team are the only people in the English speaking world to have participated in such intensive training. We have worked very closely over the last 62 months, to make sure we offer the purest and most advanced practical techniques.


Grigori  Petrovich  Grabovoi

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 Grigori Grabovoi's workshops including Number Codes for Transformation, Organ and Cell Regeneration, Manifestation, Healing, and Intuitive Abilities