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This is How Tomorrow ́s Medicine Works.

Our mind and our consciousness influence our body and can make it awake, tired, ill or healthy.

The area that connects the body, mind and consciousness is known as the “information field”.

Information field medicine is based on the theory of this physical-mental field which regulates all material, energetic and psychic processes.

Sustainable Help for You!

As most diseases have their origin in emotional and stress related backgrounds, our system works on resolving these in the information field. The analysis in the information field and re-establishing a good balance is what we call optimization.

Get a good insight into how your health is doing and see how quick and easy the TimeWaver system can help you. They are effective and long lasting.

A New Age of Holistic Treatment with Quantum Physics.

Time Waver brings the most advanced principles of physics and state-of-the-art technology to complementary medicine. We regard information fields as physical fields. In order to contact them we provide an optimal and technical transfer.

Where Body and Mind Meet

Time Waver employs a truly holistic and integrative approach. With Time Waver material and mental relations of imbalances are shown in the information field. Thus you connect the cerebral-emotional level with the bodily-energetic level.

TimeWaver is Looking Deeper

Time Waver recognizes the correlations of the causes of imbalances in the information field and dissolves them at their roots. To our knowledge the information field regulates all bodily and mental processes. Accordingly, one finds at this level the deeper correlations to the causes of disfunctions, even those in the initial stages of development.

Improving the Regulative Capability

Time Waver addresses the deep blockades within the client and thereby aims to stimulate the regulation capacity in the information field. The client’s regulation capacity should already be restored in the energy- and information field.

Quick and Permanent Help

Time Waver is extensively used by therapists and physicians for both old long-term and freshly accumulated diseases.

TimeWaver: More than just Medicine

Whether it is professional or educational success, harmony in relationships and in the living space or adapting to changes in difficult life situations – we can support clients in many dimensions of their lives and thereby strengthen their foundations of an overall wellbeing.

Integrative Medicine from a Single Source

Time Waver works beyond the energetic-physiological level. In contrast to methods used in the energy and frequency medicine, the client is not connected to the system with electrodes nor does the client have to undress during the treatment.

Continuously at Your Side

Time Waver supports the ongoing process of good improvement. Time Waver transcends the conventional understanding of prophylaxis. It removes the correlations to the causes of disfunction in the information field and it strengthens the organ coherency in the information field.

Time Waver brings the most advanced principles of physics and state-of-the-art technology to complementary medicine. You will receive your reports, 4 weeks informational field corrections and person consultation. Click here for your Time Waver Report

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