What Einstein didn’t discover

What Einstein didn’t discover


In 2010 when Brian Power was told that he would be on dialysis for the rest of his life, that even after enduring six months of treatments and 35 rounds of chemotherapy his cancer would be back in two years. It was at this point that he first made a life changing decision… I WILL LIVE.

When you are sent on a cancer journey it really puts into perspective what’s important in life. Brian was still facing financial challenges he still had the pressures of running the business he owned for 30 years with staff to consider, bulging financial debt of over $1.7 million in a manufacturing market that was declining.

Then came his second decision he knew he had to make for his survival, close his business which was emotionally like a death of a partner and extremely had process to go through.

It was around this time that Brian and Marion discovered what Einstein had not, technologies where spirituality meets science, influencing real and powerful changes in the inner and outer worlds.

While Brian’s was on his transformational journey, Marion continued her practise and teaching in the wholistic industry.

It took a giant leap of faith and trust the new path they had just discovered and together developed a consciousness program incorporating the quantum technologies of Grigori Grabovoi ®.

Using this knowledge taps into the heart of creation and allows you to influence reality through the power and speed of your consciousness.

“I know I’ve been called to assist with the collective consciousness shift – ‘Turning up the light in the hearts of humanity’.” – Marion W Mace