Introduction to the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi – 2 Day LIVE Webinar

HELD: Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th June 2020
FACILITATORS: Marion Mace & Brian

Understand the interaction between Creator, Soul, Spirit & why regenerating your physical is so important. Tap into the coding that allows the body to heal and why expanding your perception and consciousness is important in these days of change.

Day 1: The first day is the introduction and the theoretical teaching of the course content; the research results of the scientists, and the methods by which we achieve these results. Understanding how our thinking structures our reality affecting the information/quantum field

Day 2: The second day contains further methods using number codes series and geometric forms for healing the body, discovering how to structure your consciousness to change your reality. Everything is clearly explained with training, so you can applied the methods in practice sessions.

This information It’s not only about the physical recovery of the body, but in particular to harmonise the interaction between mankind and his environment. We develop individual energetic and extrasensory abilities by accessing and using this information via key words and soul resonance.

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Sat - Sun Sep 2020


$593.00 AUD

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