Number Codes

What are number code sequences used for?

Every disease is a deviation from the norm. Deviation from the norm in individual cells or organs, or a whole organism. Recovery from illness means a return to normal… Behind every number is the corresponding vibrational structure. The same can be said about the sequence of numbers… and focus on the sequence of digits indicates tuning. Likewise, the sound of a tuning fork tuned musical instruments.

Every problem has a numerical sequence (code). Each situation can be expressed by numbers. The ability to digitise the problem comes in the process. 

Every number has a spiritual and energetic structural vibration. Numbers are not just mathematical signs, they are the energy of the Creator. You can cure diseases with specific sets of numbers. 

A similar structural vibration also lies behind every word and every auditory sound. The same applies to a series of numbers, as each number vibrates within a definite frequency. Series of numbers have their own correlating structural vibration.

“Number Codes” help to structure our consciousness levels which is the platform for control of our health and events. Be open and receptive to this unique creative process. The goal is always the NORM, and the NORM is the initial, unchanged or undamaged spiritual state.

Grigori Grabovoi’s method of “Healing Number Codes” to cure diseases is as simple as it is effective. In his book he names several diseases and assigns each one a specific and unique Number Code. These Codes may well consist of five, seven, eight or nine digits. Ten, eleven or twelve digits exist for the control of events. Focusing on a specific Number Code helps you heal yourself of this disease. Numerical series have an impact on the body even without concentrating on it. But by concentrating on these numbers, the impact is greatly enhanced.

Efficiency of concentration depends of your relation to it. Try to use creative approach, and hear your inner voice suggestions.

You can write digital series on sheet, and then concentrate on it. Another way of concentration is following.

Concentrating on nine digits series, you can imagine that you and goal of concentration as some ball locate in sphere center, and the digits had been writing on inner surface of sphere. You must find the most enlightened digit, and; after getting the thoughts about it, you must connect that digit with inner ball.

Concentrating on seven digits series, you can imagine the digits on some facet of cube, and you can move these digits according to your feeling for succeed maximum effectiveness.

Let describe another way of concentration. You can connect each digit with some element of inner or outer reality. For example, you can connect one digit with some feeling; and another, with some tree. That is up to you. Thus, you manifest the digits with reality elements or your consciousness elements.

How do I use the number code sequences?

There are a number of ways to use the number codes for healing the physical body, business, relationships or events. All the numbers are about restoring harmony and along with this is the development of your consciousness. Numbers are understood by your consciousness and soul, in fact numbers codes are the ‘language of light.’

You can practice any time of the day but the most optimal time for concentration exercises as given by Grigori Grabovoi’s teachings is 10pm, however as this does not suit everyone these concentrations can performed at anything. Below are a number of ways to use number codes.

Sometime the issues we need to heal within ourselves are projected into the outside world and played out by family, friends, or other events. When we bring ourselves back into harmony we also assist our outer world to become harmonious. This was the case for one of the participants in our recent weekend Transformation seminar, her adult son was in a serious situations. Once she started harmonising herself there was a huge shift. Her son rang her just before we finished the seminar and said things had to change and he was ready to start to shift.   

Getting Started

If this is your first experience with Grigori Grabovoi numbers, we can suggest: The numbers are active, they are not beliefs or a type of ritual. We speak of a science and serves to harmonise all aspects of our lives, whether in health, psychology, relationships, business… in short all areas.

Second is to always start with the most simple. Choose something in your life that you want without anxiety harmonise and start using, then tell us your story, and we will be happy to know it and to stimulate others to harmonise their lives, and thus create a beautiful chain well.
Write the number on a tape (eg. masking tape) paste in a jar with water and drink whenever minding the numbers, preferably related to health.

Mentalisation of the numerical series should be performed with positive words. Remove words like problems, difficulties, diseases, loss, no, etc.

When the sequence has spaces, respect them, giving a pause is pronunciation.

Say number by number, example: 741 Immediate Solutions pronounced (seven, four, one).

Enter the sequence and paste in mirrors, doors, perfumes, bottles or anything where it is visible for you. If they are health codes write them on paper and placed under the pillow or on the body near the affected place, in cases of financial codes locate them in the wallet and harmonisation codes in the left wrist. Use a few days and then think about what you want to harmonise in your life, and ask for the code, we are here to help!

1.  Write them in red and place them within 1cm of your skin. There is a vacuum around the body that attracts the information in the number code into your information field/matrix to restore harmony.

2.  Write the number code and notice which number/s are standing our for you and then concentrate on them until they all look the same.

3.  Speak the number code 3 times or chant or sing the number code.

4.  Imagine the number on the inside wall of a silvery white sphere. Notice if there are number/s that seem to get your attention or stand out and concentration on the number until all the numbers are glowing the same. By doing this you have harmonise the negative information that is causing the disease or disharmony.

5.  Some number code have spaces, this is because this is where the new information flows. So write the number codes as you see it.

6.  You can write the number code in red on the photo of the person you are wishing to help.

What you are wanting to see, sense or feel, has there been a shift. E.g, felt warm, tingling on the skin, felt lighter, calmer or clearer. Or you could see a change of colour in your consciousness.

We assist people in developing their own innate power to heal and this is where humanity is heading YOU ARE YOUR OWN GURU. We are always happy to guide and assist people with these spiritual technologies that change reality.


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