Applied Structures Of The Creating Field Of Information eBook


The present paper is based on practical outcomes, obtained at implementing the concept of salvation through control. There were studied results of saving men and equipment, the results of managing matter. Minutes of the results are in the three-volume book “Grigori Grabovoi. The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”. The obtained results suggest that a change in the matter of the constructive plan is explainable by using concepts of consciousness, perception, information, the object of information, events of denoted reality, events of the physical reality. The concepts of consciousness and perception applicable for a human being, are generalized here for other objects of reality as well. For such objects the term consciousness would mean a method of generalized reaction of objects to the informational environment, and perception is a method of a particular response of an object’s segment. Considering that this material is presented as the structure of the human response to information, it is clear that the reaction of any other information objects can be defined by means of extrapolating from human consciousness to other information objects. This element of cognition causes a change in the cognizable element. Therefore, the knowledge presented here in such a way that mastering it should occur both logically and associatively. The location of symbols and spaces in the text matter much in such a material feed.

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