Methods Of Concentration eBook


Exercises for every day of the month to help develop consciousness, for development of events of your life in a favourable direction, for getting full value health and for establishment of harmony with the pulse of the Universe.

You will grow spiritually with the help of these concentrations, and this in its turn will help you to fulfil all these concentrations at a higher level and that will ensure for you bigger development and so further.

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I would recommend finding some time for the exercises, which are cited below. For each day of the month I recommend three exercises corresponding to this day. These exercises contain control of events. For this purpose different concentrations should be applied. During the concentration keep remembering the exact aim you would like to achieve. The aim might be realisation of a desirable event, for example, recovery from a disease, development of a mechanism of knowledge of the World, and so on. The main thing here is to conduct always regulation of information for the universal salvation and harmonic development. Such regulation can be a struggle against destruction at informational level because you fulfil the work of rescuers.

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