Methods Of Concentration On Grouped Days Of The Month eBook


The work Methods of concentration on the grouped days of the month. Series of lectures was created by Grigori Grabovoi in 2001.

In the collection in an accessible form the relationship between the various objects of the external physical reality and the informational objects in the form of thoughts are explained. The way the material is presented allows the reader to comprehend the laws of interrelations of the reality based on the practical results obtained during the process of mastering of the proposed methods of concentration. Specific recommendations given in the text, which help the reader to take the path of conscious action at concentrations, allow you to do multiple analyses of concentration, understand the essence and the harmony of the relations of the surrounding world. The integration of different types of concentration leads the reader to the concept of optical level of perception that is identification of this concept with the level of thinking as an optical imageā€¦ This book is for those who aspire to discover the world of love and are ready to give a helping hand to all who need it.

The success of the use of the methods is in the ideology of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, aimed at the salvation of everybody from the catastrophe of any level. The given methods are simple and accessible to all the people.

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