Number Series For Psychological Normalisation eBook


The work contains sections on psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy, social psychology, psychology of labor, pathopsychology, psychophysics, defectology, perceptual psychology, personality psychology, psychoanalysis, motivational psychology, psychology of memory, psychology of emotions, feelings and thoughts, psychology of perception and sensations.

The methods of regulation of events in the process of an eternal development of man are given in the work by means of numerical rows correlated to the terms and notions, which are used in terms of psychology.

In case when the term denotes with some deviation from the standard (norm), then by means of a numerical row corresponding to the term, the norm that organises the eternal development in generally accepted constructive direction is achieved. If the term denotes the description of the process, the numerical rows then can be taken for the usage of this description in the direction of eternal development. The described process by means of the numerical row may be applied for the providing of eternal development.

The psychology of eternal development differs by the fact that through the methods of psychology the main laws of eternal development materialises, the laws which comprise immortality of all live, resurrection and provide it in the sphere of life’s work of a person. This psychological aspect, for which the form of finite relations is changed into eternal to direct psychology to the organisation of this transition and its functioning when the laws of eternal development are carried out.

Psychology of eternal development forms social ties of society and laws, which provide the real eternal development of a man and mankind.

The methods of eternal development allow to receive the events of eternal development achievement already in the course of cognition of technologies of eternal development. Carrying out actions with such forms you must understand that they can be used for improvement of health and rescue (salvation) if you imagine near them yourself or a person who need to be healthier or be rescued. When you imagine yourself among these forms, you make yourself younger. The more control forms you can take into your consciousness in the course of psychological regulation numerical rows usage the faster your rejuvenation goes.

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