Path Of The Soul Retreat – Thailand 2021


RETREAT DATES: 17th to 23rd February 2021
LOCATION: Belle Villa Resort – Place de L’Amour
FACILITATORS: Marion Mace Power & Brian Power, Hannes Steiner & Carola Sarassin
PARTICIPANTS: Places limited to 16 guests
$2555.00 AUD per person



✅  7-Day Path of the Soul seminar program with Brian, Marion, Hannes and Carola.

✅  Private mentoring with Brian, Hannes or Marion.

✅  7 nights accomodation at Belle Villa Resort.

✅  All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

✅  4 x Thai massages (with the option for more)

✅  Consultation with the Thai herbal doctors (herbal remedies recommended are not included).

✅  All airport transfers

*Airfares and additional night(s) accommodation not included. 

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Are you ready to play the consciousness game? Then come with us on a journey of discovery, where you will play with other like minded people from all over the world.

Each morning you will play with your consciousness during class time and expand beyond your current boundaries. After lunch is your massage time or time for personal reflection / homework or spend person mentoring time with Brian, Marion and Hannes. You have the freedom to choice. Over 7 days you will get to know YOU, to discover the power of connecting with your soul at a deeper level,

During your time at the retreat we ask you to use every opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt previously in our seminar. For example when getting on the plane clear the seat before sitting down, when arriving in Thailand realigning your matrices etc. We want to make sure you fully embody the Creator Knowledge in your heart.



Now’s the time to step up and experience much more in a place we like to think is a little piece of heaven. Discover what it’s truly like to fall in love with you, something profound and very special happens a shift of energetic expansion and alignment with your soul.

While at the retreat we want you to relax, unwinding in this environment so you‘ll experience the benefits for doing controls from a place of being heart-centred.

Basically when you are relaxed your feel and discover your choices are limitless. Take this opportunity to enjoy being in the mountains, perhaps meander on picturesque walk and see the elephants playing in the river or take a refreshing dip in the Belle Villa Resort pool or venture to a waterfall. Just feel the freedom of being authentically you.



At the Belle Villa Resort’s ‘Place de L’Amour‘ you’ll have an opportunity to experience a relaxing mountain resort only a short drive from Changmai city, but with the feeling of total peace and quiet.

Looking out from any of the hotel rooms or villas, you will see nothing but only the lush green of the surroundings, created by our beloved and respectful mother nature.​​​​​​​

Tucked in between the mountains, Belle Villa Resort gives you a great array of options, relaxing by the pool, playing tennis, spectacular walks, or elephant riding. The resort is a place where you can enjoy the remoteness to the fullest. The atmosphere will have you feeling right at home.

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  1. Christina, Australia

    Words are hard to find for what we experienced in this Retreat. I’ve never experienced such love and connection between a group before’. Thanks you Marion, Brian and Hannes for an incredible immersion into my heart.

  2. Vandana, United Kingdom

    I joined the retreat to practice controls. I did not know what fabulous experiences were awaiting us all. The accommodation was very good located in a lovely setting away from town and close to elephants sanctuary were we went visiting. The learning was profound and effortless at the same time. Our hearts were releasing old patterns and opening in an atmosphere of love and support. There was so much love and unity within the group that we all felt totally secure to be truly ourselves. The way of connecting to one’s Soul was the most essential aspect of teaching for me. I came back home a different person. My friend who sees auras said my aura was huge. I actually felt lighter with some space around me and so happy. I hardly had a jet lag and still feel peacefully contented. You are amazing teachers. I do not know how to thank you for your gifts of organising such a splendid retreat and for teaching.

  3. Wendy, United Kingdom

    I just want to say a heart felt thank you.I heard the call to meet with soulmates and really wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for the adventure but my heart said yes, and the finance seemed immaterial. I was not disappointed! One of my objectives was to allow the RCK knowledge to drop more deeply into my consciousness and even though this is hard to describe, this has happened. Your guidance to connect to ourselves more consciously has put a valuable new daily structure into my day and I, in turn, feel called to honour this connection in a way I have never done before. This retreat has had a massive and beautiful impact on my life and now I can only go forward more consciously and empowered to live life in alignment with my true purpose. The programme hit just the right note for the group and allowed us to experience the true magic of connection, the intimacy of knowing one another as well as creating a beautiful and loving space for us to learn, experience, grow and release. Thank you. With so much love to you both.

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