‘Soul Code’ Foundation Course – Webinar Series 1


In this webinar series, we will help you step into higher consciousness, so you can Clear negative patterns, Connect to your soul and Create and live from a place more connect to the real you.

• Are you interested in releasing stress and pain?
• Do you seek the secret to inner peace and joy?
• Would you value more meaning in everyday life?
• Are you looking to improve your personal power and understand you life’s purpose?
• Are you open to discovering a new way of BEING?
• Are you looking for a real transformation using your own consciousness?

The ‘Soul Code’ Foundation course is pre requisite to any of following courses in this webinar series. This is where we ‘clear’.

Included for immediate download: 4 x 2hr videos, PDF manual & slideshow

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This is where science and spirituality meet.  Brian Power and Marion Mace-Power take you step-by-step in your consciousness development, in an easy to follow format to assist in you understanding of Reawakening Creator Knowledge as easy as possible.

Soul Code is the foundation of the Reawakening Creator Knowledge where you discover where your heart is leading you. You heart is your access to your soul and the language of the soul is your intuition.

This series provides you with the knowledge and techniques that give you access to ancient wisdom known throughout time and cultures. These recorded webinars are especially designed to help you achieve the peace of mind and deep spiritual understanding that gives life so much meaning and value.

Now is the time to learn, to grow, to expand, to discover all that you were meant to be, all that you already are!

Would you love to be able to tap into the wisdom of your soul? Learn to play with the fabric of time and space that make our reality?

Your soul has all the wisdom of you past, present and future. Your soul set up your mission in this lifetime and therefore always knows the right thing to do for highest good. And what’s also important to realise is that your soul created your body, so the information still exists in your body to regenerate and rejuvenate.

When you live your life from your soul you are completely authentic, have full freedom of choice and total response-ability. With your soul as your guidance you create from love as an expression of who you are, for the highest good of all. Any desire to create for power or prestige for purely personal gain disappears.



1. Soul Code (webinar series 1) – Where you ‘clear’

2. Transition (webinar series 2) – Where you ‘connect’

3. Transform (webinar series 3) – Where you ‘create’

Purchase all three webinars for a discount rate. 

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  1. R.T.H, Canada

    I had tried my fair share of modalities to help me with a particularly difficult seven year crises with my ex husband. I would feel better in the short term but my circumstances kept getting worse! When I contacted Brian and Marion and started the webinars I was less than a week away from a meeting that I was dreading. Things did not look good for me AT ALL. I thought all was lost. With Brian’s gentle yet firm guidance I emerged myself in RCK. To my utter surprise the results of that dreaded meeting and the circumstances around it began to change in less than one week of doing RCK! Both my partner and I are in joyful shock at how quickly our external reality has begun to change just by working on my internal world. If you need help FAST I highly recommend.

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