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On this day we seek deep understanding of the beauty of our being from our centre core, our soul to ourselves that formulate the universes that become our organs. From one amazing system to another. The depth of our being is amazing, so, so beautiful and so, so special. We are a universe, even a galaxy in our own right. Take the time to truly appreciate the amazing being that we are. We know that it is critical to harmonise our inner world on all levels of reality. To increase the light within, the aligning must be in your body first. The ego must drop – this makes room for the alignment of soul’s integration and the integration of the new matrix, being spherical by nature. Remember, inner world first. Aligning and connecting your soul with your body and grounding in the Creator’s light, from the soul of creation, through our soul to the soul of Mother Earth. Allowing the light to flow from heaven’s flow to bless and heal, increasing the conductivity on all levels.

As the light stream kisses all our inner galaxies, bringing our light body to the Creator’s glow, energising all we are. It is from this point of love we can continue the healing of earth
and bring her into heaven’s state of play.

We are the conduit in earth and mankind’s rescue. The ego structure must be released. Our light needs to be in the Creator’s flow, then we can affect all with love and understanding without judgment. From this place of flow we norm and create the platform that is needed to support the awakening. As we norm our beings, we affect the collective. We do not engage in out of norm, we only are norm and therefore change the matrix of the mass consciousness through our light and build a core of enlightenment for all. We affect all to awake gently in a loving way. You may have called it a soft landing. That is the
Creator’s objective. That is our objective.


This day we notice the day at play, see the road ahead with joy in our hearts. The matrix has certainly upgraded from a cube matrix to a spherical matrix, bringing it into a normed flow. Take the time to anchor yourself in your heart and to anchor yourself into alignment of soul and earth. Align yourself in this present moment. The global grid needs our connection to help with the healing process. Allow the light to flow, energising and healing all sides of our inner being, lifting our light quota to infuse love in and throughout our internal universe.

It is about taking our place in the healing of Earth through the new matrix. It is about the merging of our light, Creator’s light and Earth’s light, bringing everything into divine flow.

This is a time to rest, align and be. This is about an easy flow. This is a time of divine truth, of healing the past through a smile from the heart and infusing the inner light into the now. Seeing, feeling a very blessed and normed tomorrow. Open your heart and see the Earth healed. See it flow with the universal grid. See all normed to the Creator’s play. Increase the light, increase the alignment, increase your heart’s light. Find the stillness that awakens mankind from a deep sleep. Remove the blocks and norm the mass consciousness with your inner smile, by being one in heaven and earth. Bring the awakening into earth’s grid. It is only the mass consciousness that holds the blocks through fear and the need to manipulate. This is all an illusion. There is no depth or fabric to this structure anymore - just a thin skin of what was once at play. In this time we must be very gently and focus on the self-love and self-acceptance. We created all that we are and have in our experience field. It is important to norm and to be love. Love is our light that sends blessings to the creators among us. We meet the masters, the angels and the dear friends, the awakened ones with love. We bless them with our geometry and our tools to norm all. We see the ego bodies drop from all.

See the awakening in full bloom – see the world at peace. See yourself as the light. Today rest in the Creator’s play! Align with the love of the Creator, for you are truly


On this day of play we see the new matrix in its glory. We see the glory. Rest well on this day. Allow the integration of the new matrix or field to bless and integrate into our whole being. Rest well...

This is a time that requires gentleness, calmness and patient self-love – a very deep dose of genuine self-love. Take your heart and integrate it into the Creator’s heart. Be with nature, be with Mother Earth. Help to integrate the heart of the earth. It is about coming together. We must integrate our soul, our heart and our minds. We must integrate our grid with the new grid of earth. We must integrate the earth’s grid with the Creator’s light (the Holy Spirit).

We then use this alignment to heal Mother Earth of her pain. The ego of the mass consciousness has to be normed. The structure of karma also needs to be normed from the mass consciousness. It no longer exists as a universal law or structure on this planet. Mankind now has the opportunity to wake up and reconnect with soul and Mother Earth, feeling the Creator’s true light without the filters of the religious structures. We have the opportunity to connect the dots. The dots between man, mankind, earth, soul, universe and Creator. The opportunity to open the gateway into heaven on earth. One with Creator we become, all that we are meant to be. Align, align and rest. There is much to come.


On this day of play we open our hearts to the knowing that all is possible. The world we live in has changed to a new reality. The integration for many does not always go easy. The ego element for many gets in the way, preventing the soul from fully integrating or connecting to the human heart. For many the ego mind has been running their agenda, interfacing with the mass consciousness. And so many have trouble releasing this copy of self, otherwise known as a false self. It is important to assist the release and norming through control for all mankind. The masters are sending their light – you must assist them through the intention and control so that the process of release will speed up and the rescue and the harmonious transition will flow to the norm.

The issue that needs your intention is increasing your self-love and increasing your light. That way your controls will be more intense, materialising faster. Bring your light into a beautiful flow, see you inner world as a galaxy in the Creator’s flow. A world of perfect systems, a universe of light and endless flow. Turning to this inner universe with your light and controls, see your worlds as normed. See your soul and heart merged as one. See you heart and mind as one in the Creator’s perfection. Allow the universal flow of light to
bless all to the norm. See the inner universe at play in the Creator’s flow.

Take the inner world up a few steps and be one with all you can be. Take the time to see the world as it was always meant to be, heaven on earth. Or is it earth in heaven?

Send you abundant light to the new grid. Bring humankind into the Creator’s flow, being one with all. Stepping away from the separation back to the integration, back to the long awaited oneness with creation. Be part of all rather than being separate. Time to awake in the Creator’s play and soul’s dance in the normed reality.

We send love and greetings to the masters, blessings to mother earth and healing light, gratitude to the angels and guides, love to the Creator from our heart’s deepest desire. Bring all into balance. Align, align and play and live from the state of soul’s love, the state of eternal joy.


This day is a day of deep alignment. This is a day of feeling our soul’s integration. This is the day we awaken the whole of our being. We see the soul and spirit in an inner dance. We
see the rhythm of earth, spirit, soul and heaven merging. It’s now up to us to get aligned with the Creator’s program. It’s time for mankind to wake up and align. The Creator sends his calling to us all. Awake, awake and feel the flow of the Creator’s light. Allow the ego to drop away. Allow the soul to fully integrate into its passionate play. If the love of soul melds with the human heart, magical rhythm enchants and fuses the new way of the Creator’s matrix and merges into flow. Beauty beyond understanding begins to occur and heaven is at its play.

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