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On this day of play we notice our passion beginning to play. We see all possibilities and allow them to norm and your world will become a heavenly state. Open the doorway and retrieve the wealth crystal. Place it in your space and engage it with the impulse to activate its divine matrix. Allow the crystal to begin rotating clockwise and notice it begin to glow and totally harmonise your gifts and knowledge.

Your abilities will become automatically aligned. Your grids will come alive. You should engage your protection (the pentagon structure) to shield you and yours, so you will not be seen. Remember your thoughts and works - be clear and still in your desire. Such power has not been seen on Earth for a very long time. Be centered and aligned before you engage your thoughts, desires and dreams.

Ask carefully around your resources. Seek to step into your mission gently in a norm state, always for your higher good and the higher good for all. We may be masters of the light and we must remember our service of creation and the prosperity of flow - the way of love and light. Remember, if you are seen by the darkness, they will come for you, so operate from within the shield. We are not needed to engage the darkness directly but only to bring in and anchor the light, bring heaven to earth.

On this day of play we notice the feeling of stillness in our world. We notice the feeling of a deep inner love. We see the play beginning its dance. We notice the clarity of our field or matrix. We see the glowing new structures being awakened or newly constructed to the Creator’s desire. The masters have been hard at work in this objective. All is now in place for the alignment. The Creator’s light continues to brighten up the play of earth. On this day connect with the Creator and with Mother Earth. We connect with the depth of our soul. Bring more soul into the physical body. Bring more light into the whole being. Integrate heaven on earth – see the world through your heart space. See all as it truly is through the smiles of your heart’s play. Allow yourself to dream and bring these dreams through passion to material reality. Dream from a state of joy, materialise from the place of love. Allow your passion to flow through these creations with a charge from an inner smile. Align, align, align from your heart’s desires. Bring heaven to Earth. Step back into the light of creation. Dream and live in heaven on earth. Be still in this knowing. Be still in this knowledge.

On this day of play we notice the world in a state of amazing change. From the heart space our being is opened to observe all as it truly is. See the emptiness of the false reality and the light of the Creator’s renewed structure. Send impulses of self-love into your being, norming all. As we see the difference in the matrix and the restructuring back to the Creator’s way, norming is completed.

We notice more and more beginning to awaken and their hearts begin the process of realignment and recharging of there being through the reengagement of their soul. Divine matrix, soul and body merge into the divine oneness. As soul begins to connect and awaken, the grid begins to grow and brighten.

The noise must be avoided with its false reality. It will only keep us off-center. Be careful not to be in the structure as it falls. Be the observer, connected into the light of your soul. Remember to ask which side of the line you are on and step where you need to be. Nothing is fixed, all is up to you, your choice.


On this day of understanding we see the world as it is, truly is. We notice it from our heart space and then from our whole body. We see the light of the Creator pouring into every aspect of our being. The level of our being’s awakening determines the level of our ability to absorb the divine light. Fear nothing – make room for the light to flow in. Awaken and understand. When you live from the heart, all becomes norm. Bring out your passions and engage it in all of your doings. Open your desire and wash away all that is out of norm. Create a wonderful dance of play. Watch the noise fall away as you engage further and further into heart’s play.

If clutter is forming, use your controls to harmonise it out of your being. Remember all of the old ways are beginning to fall away. The machine is running, but for how long? Take the time to see all around you as normed. Take the time to watch your world with love and joy. Smile, you are divinely protected, so receive their support, accept their support and channel the divine flow of love and light and understanding. Be the Creator’s light in all that you do or engage in, so create through control, see through your spiritual vision and know all is norm and in divine flow.

This day we can notice which side of the line we are standing on.

Are we in our hearts in the space of love and light or are we still in the dark, being controlled by fear and what-if’s? Are you noticing the noise in the outer world of others and stillness inside? Or is the stillness inside reflecting outside? Have we taken our sphere into our heart space, away from the external false empty structure called mass reality?

The false illusions, that the controllers want you to believe. They, as you know, are so far from the truth.
Only your heart sees the true reality. Take the time today. Be centered. Re-arrange the structures in your field to that of the Creator, to that of your soul.
On this day it is very important to be very centered in the Creator’s heart.
Fear Nothing.
Feel ONLY LOVE of self and CREATION.

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