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On this day of play the world sees considerable change. The awakening begins.
It is time to step up. Time to see the world, as it needs to become. The grid begins to feel the impulses of light from master’s play and Creator’s drive blesses the grid with the Creator’s light, the building of the new grid. The plates form from a new way. Take time to notice. Send blessings to all involved. Awaken and see Heaven on Earth for the first time. Awaken inner passions and allow them to flow, touching the world in a healing way. As your inner world heals and the lines are awakened, the outer world is projected with our shift into the Creator’s light, into soul’s smile. Global norming begins.

On this very amazing day of play, we notice the changes in the matrix structure. Upgrading has continued overnight as the Creator and the masters install that creativlight. I sense a healing of the earth matrix or earth grid. Storms clear the air of noise and electronic smog. Take the time to sense the stillness inside. The body responds, the organs drop away their toxicity. Sense the discomfort or tightness. And breathe and drink of natures joy (water). Fresh clear joy to wash away the remnants of old stored fear.

Feed the soul with passion. Feed the soul with deepest desires. Feed Mother Earth love and blessings. Care for the mother with gratitude as you would care for the child. Bring joy and youth to her / your grid. Sense the interaction between man and earth and bless it with your inner smile. Remember the inner world is the real one, the outer is the reflection or better a projection. As we step into a state of grace, we can feel and see our inner world glow and our soul sing the praise of creation. To the Creator inside me I send love, light and divine blessings. Remember it is time! The masters are doing their work and its now time for us to step into our soul’s play. We are not alone in our mission of joy and creativity, our mission of grounding in the light, of reconnection to the light of soul. The groups are forming, the angels are protecting in mass. The darkness is losing its strength; its layers are losing integrity. The light is showing up the fear, the greed, and the emptiness of the old systems. Each one is in the spotlight with barely a skeleton of form still in place. The darkness has no depth or value - it is only held in the mass consciousness as a thought form or empty belief. The remnants cannot stand the depth of the light of creation, the integration continues to melt away, dissolving and transforming. It is very important for us to come together forming the divine geometry of control in the known structure to begin the transformation of the mass consciousness into the way of the light. Back into the dreaming, creating from the heart desire. Accepting it as reality. And being in a state of total belief! It is a state – it starts in the heart.

It starts with a deep relationship of love with your soul and excepting of soul’s guidance. These are the formulas of life. So live your dreams and play. This is our time - AWAKEN NOW and begin the day of creation from the space of the hearts’ desire. Bring in the light and engage the grid with passion and play.
Remember it begins with AMEN from the space of Spirit and closes with BELIEF and so it is.


On this day of play we connect with Mother Earth and engage in her beautiful energy, her beautiful light. Earth blesses in such an amazing way.   Water runs, rain falls in a beautiful dance and trees respond.

All lives in harmony. All is in a state of life, a state of being of pure beauty, of pure connection, of pure oneness.

When we start to be in the state of oneness, our bodies light up. Take the time to feel the connection between the inner and outer worlds. See the cells and the systems coming to life, glowing brighter and brighter. See the clutter of the external, the noise, dissolve and begin to make no sense at all.

Then the divineness is allowed to form. The Creator’s light is all around us, all through our being. Take the time to adjust, be and bring more spirit of heaven to earth. Be in a state of heaven, be in a relationship with creation and merge the soul and body.

As the light of creation and the joy of your soul dance, wonder and passion are released into our matrix forming a state of play. The merging lights allow us to return Earth to its state of heaven and mankind to its state of grace.

It is our role, the awakened ones, to create the environment and to change the noise so that the awakening can continue. It is our time. The overlords have left and the Atlantean’s have returned. The masters are now incarnated and are here among us, doing what they can to assist the transition back to heaven. We are not alone – there is so much support.

Be still in the understanding and create through spirit. Step into the mind of the Creator and see all as it will be and become love. Live in a state of loving; express the state of joy.

On this day of wonder our hearts open and notice the connection with all. We again see the world moving to a state of heaven. The old falls away and the new begins to shoot and new growth is seen for the first time. Earth is purging, mankind is purging. We are becoming aligned again with heaven and earth. Aligned in spirit, mind and body. The connection and the grid are clear, balanced and alive at play. The earth and man have made peace and the beginning and the future become one.

Humankind drops the ego-suit and replaces it with a fully engaged light-body of love, acceptance and self-love. It is in our hands for the first time in 25,000 years. The creation sends a new structure through light. It is up to us to release the heaven from our DNA and from our light bodies to form heaven’s plan of eternal life on Earth again. Form the connection with the masters’ matrix of love, the masters’ grid. Take this time to reflect on thereality of a heavenly Earth with all in flow. Yes, the masks must fall to allow the light bodies of love to glow. The masters are here, opening the grid. They are here among us.

They are here again to assist with the awakening and the bringing of heaven’s revival back to earth. Step up and create light and bring it to Earth’s grid. We, the awakened are to step up and engage in total self-love. As inner heaven forms, the outer heaven on earth grips, one with creation, one with Gaia, one with the inner universe, one with outer universe. For all changes with love and acceptance - it begins with your heart.

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