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Be very joyful, as you have the understanding of the new structure or maybe it could be said better as the renewed, old structure, in fact a very old structure. Be joyful because you now understand this amazing new structure of life. You increase your light through control, through self-love, through lifting your light quota. We take the time to notice the play around us. We see heaven’s angels at work. We notice the angels and masters at play, balancing out and the alignment of the new structure, arranging steps to harmonise the mass consciousness. Mother earth will heal. She has begun a healing and repairing process. We need to send her light and love and assist the healing process wherever we can. Funny, your energy project will be of great help. The angels and masters are strongly supporting your endeavours through me, projecting and healing earth, harmonising earth’s play.


On this day we take the time to understand the simplicity of the new matrix. We notice the world begin its move from density of the 3D matrix to that of heaven on earth. As more heavenly light cleanses Earth’s matrix and begins to erase the darkness from the mass consciousness, as more of us increase our light quota, more and more light is brought into the mass consciousness.

This is our mission. This is our life’s purpose. This is our reason for this incarnation. This is why the masters have returned.

Align, align, align yourself on all levels. Continue your love affair with your soul, with your heart, with your body and with creation. We continue the process of norming ourselves. We focus on bringing heavenly light into our bodies and into our cells, bringing our inner universe into heaven’s dance in pure expression of heaven’s play.

As the inner universe begins its glow, angels and guides come closer, giving us blessings and continuing their unending protection and support. We acknowledge this with gratitude.
The masters smile as they notice our beings radiating heaven’s play. We continue to engage and acknowledge them and ask for their help and support with on-going tasks. We are not alone. (Remark: It is important for us to consciously engage with those resources and gifts at all times.)

Take the time and create, take the time and be. Create the permanent connection with Creator and grounding more and more, norming through you, through your cells, through your bodies, through your inner universe, into Earth. Feel the inner dance allowing the inner music to bless all we do.

The worlds are aligned and the geometry is aligned throughout the universe. It is all normed. The structures are aligned. The universe has been waiting for this for a very long time. Now the time has come to take the step to shift the change into the mass consciousness. It is time to norm the structures gently, creating a calm flow, bringing the team together to anchor in the light and begin to create a new normed mass consciousness. Gently erasing guilt, erasing fear, erasing death, erasing loss and erasing debt from the collective.

Blessing the inner world, which radiates into the collective, healing it in a growing and in the glowing heaven’s light of love, joy and creation. This is for all.


On this day of play we open our hearts and receiveour divine self, integrating further aspects of ourselves.We notice the inner world becoming very still and warm.We see the worlds within us become alive as universes oflight begin to glow and the upgrading of our being. Webegin to know the divineness of our higher selves. Wesee the light of our soul covering us in a bright silvery lightwith a violet tinge and a golden glow. See the higher selfin its full glory. We see the world, as it becomes heavenon earth. Create from your heart. You know the steps.What do you want? Ask for it, accept it and totally believe it.

Be the observer and allow flow to create and play, materialising it. If you can make rain,you can do this! Just do it. Create it now. Engage. This is the time to step up and becomeand create the world as you desire. Remember, create from the spiritual - create from yourheart. Be one with heaven on earth. This is a new day, so play from your creativity. Play inand from the heart’s desire. Take the time to be in your alignment. Take this moment andfeel all that you are. Take this moment and see the integration of all that we are and allowthe total light to flow. This moment we come into our power. We see the divineness of themaster within. (Yes. Transmission.)


On this day we feel the inner smile. We feel the divineness of our connection. We step into our heart’s play.The external world is running at an amazing speed.Great change is at our door. We have the tools to flow through with these. Consider the gifts that we have received. Know the depth of our play.

Use your spiritual gifts to norm all now. See the world as it is moving to heaven on earth. Become a heavenly space. Remember the inner world is the reflection into the external world. As our inner world is normed, so is our external world, being the reflection of the other.

Continue to harmonise the inner universe – see all in flow. See the death virus get smaller and disappear from our being. See the light flowing through yourselves, lighting up the inner universe.

Insert the cash flow program into our resource channel and all is resourced. Money and resources flow with ease to me. I erase all debt from my matrix and replace it with love and  abundance. As soon as I ask, it is so. We take the time to remove all unserving and unnecessary programs that have attached or connected from the collective. We remove them from the DNA - we remove them from the matrix. I remove them from past, present and future. I live from our space of manifestation. My matrix is charged with love and creativity. We arrange everything from our heart space and see it as so. And it is. Now charged with love and desire - time to play. The creation is engaged.

All you are. The debt virus is removed, so play from your creativity. See it, believe it and it is so. Remember, it is heaven’s play. All is now possible. Believe and experience divine play. Now this is your mission. Engage. We must play this day. Shield up and engage your heart’s desire.


Consider the day in a blessed way. Consider ajourney well deserved. Consider many blessings already received. Consider the gifts and blessings that you are about to receive.

Consider the wonder of the journey ahead. Take the time to be very still and find your deep centre of play. That is the centre of your being. Channel your total soul into your being, your body, blessing your mind from the centre of your universe. See the world as it truly is in that beautiful state of norm. Today is about gratitude, self-love and seeing a state of heaven on earth. Today is about appreciation of what we have already created and gathering the understanding of the journey forward. Filling the world with love and desire, filling your heart with dreams and play. Filling your mind with the passion of consideration, taking the time to notice the amazing soul you are. Taking the time to express the love to the ones that we share this journey with and the depth of love we have for them.

Lovers, angels and guides, friends, brothers and sisters – we express our gratitude to them from our heart. It truly is a day of gratitude expressed through grace. “I love you” is the soul’s divine whisper, blessing earth and heaven with a beautiful smile of gratitude at play.

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